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Due to lack of accurate information from government officials on the subject of flying animals, hundreds of animals that are abandoned because of bureaucratic difficulties, and negative experiences from companies in this field.


​In face of the situations that exists on the subject, we decided to establish PETS TRAVEL, to help and support people who want to fly with their pet without even imagining leaving them behind because of bureaucracy or financial problems.

we set up an organization that consists of professionals who specialize in different areas on transporting animals, in order to provide a full and accurate information to anyone who wants to relocate with their pet in and out of Israel, and to enjoy a pleasant, comfortable and safe flight with genuine concern for their well-being.

We assist since our organization started Over 4000 animals in the Israeli air space safely, with emphasis on the professional and emotional process for the animal flight. 

The Organization vision

The Pets– which are full members of the family – will not be abandoned when the family relocate to a different Country, due to bureaucratic and economic problems. while preventing many cases of abandonment of animals at the airport area.

 Success Stories

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