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when you want to Fly your Dogs or Cats unaccompanied from or to Israel, will be happy to accompany them and provide support and love throughout the flight process from airport-to-airport including all the relocation and bureaucracy process.


There are 2 options to fly an animal without his owner:

Cargo Flight - the animals will arrive to the Cargo terminal 7 hours pre-flight while a custom representative will issue an airway-bill and , and check-in the pets 1 hour before the flight, upon arrival, the pets will wait in the cargo terminal between 2-24 hours, and ones the Custom fees and the import permits are in order you'll receive your pets.

Pet Courier - Our representatives, with years of experience, will accompany the animals from airport to airport as "Excess baggage" will send the pets only 1 hour before the flight, upon landing they will deliver the pets to the owners between 30 min-1 hour from landing.


We created the Pet Courier service to save the animals up to 24 hours at customs, reduce the flight cost by up to 50%,  and to provide the animals professional and loving care throughout the flight process.

Pet Courier service that includes the following steps:


  Per Flight Procedures

  • Booking a pet friendly flight route and airline.

  • PNR booking – 3 days before the flight to insure the animal seat on the plane


  At Departure

  • Collecting the animals at the origin country airport 3 hours before.

  • Check-in the animal in the airline desk.

  • Payment: airport taxes, animal airline ticket.

  • Pre-flight walk outside the airport.

  • Clean secure and accessories the kennel before the flight.

  • Deliver the animal to the cargo hold in the plane.

  At Arrival:

  • Display documents and certificates to release the animal, about half an hour after landing.

  • Payment: airport taxes, pets customs fees.

  • Delivery the animal to its owner or a representative at the arrival gate or meeting point.

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