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​Pet Package is our flagship service for more than 7 years, its provide a step-by step custom guide of the complete and relevant steps needed to relocate your pets to the destination country, without wasting time, extra cost and unnecessary resources, and to allow a safe flight for the animals and yourself.


The service is created according to the type, species, dimensions, weight and size of the animal, country of destination, requirements from the country of origin, pet friendly airline routes, tips and recommendations., and divided by date and tasks required, to insure the safety  of the pets.


​ Let us Assist you with all the requirements to ensure your pet is protected and save you last-minute fines and glitches!

Pet Package includes the following information:



Required vaccinations to leave the country of origin and enter the destination country, How, where and when to do, Recommended vaccinations to protect the pet's health during the flight according to the type, species, dimensions, weight and size of the animal.


Import or export certificates from the origin country to the destination country, relevant Health certificates, Special permits according to the destination country and district.

Flight kennel

Flight kennel adjustment according to the airline requirements, Recommendation on where to buy the flight kennel, Kennel equipment guidance, kennel tags, pet training guidelines to the flight kennel. ​


Finding a recommended pet friendly airline with temperature oxygen monitor according to the destination and pet location on aircraft and flight date required.

Schedule and Check List

Concise schedule list that summarizes the entire pet package to insure the preflight and flight success


Attached Documents

Airline flight kennels tags and labels, import/export certificate

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