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The pre-flight procedure includes a large number of operations that must be performed between 4-2 months before the flight, such as:  pre-flight vaccinations, document checks and confirmations, flight cage fitting, pet friendly flight routes etc.


When there’s a need for this services for various reasons such as: animal been left behind for vaccination period, owners interested in settling first or any other reason, we will be happy to assist you, with a real emphasis on the mental and emotional health of the animal in the pre-flight and flight time.

V.I.P Services includes all the necessary services for any relocation need:


Pet Shuttle

Pets Transportation services for the veterinarian checkups and airport.

Issuance Documents

Issuing export/import certificates, special permits for government officials in various countries.

Check-in and Customs Clearance

Pet Check-in or release from cargo terminal customs. including airport & tax fees.

Pet Cargo Flight

In countries which Pet Courier is not an option, we can send your pets to the destination country.

Pet Courier

An experienced Pet Courier will accompany the animal from the country of origin to the destination, and provide emotional support for the pet while saveing you up to 50% of the of Cargo cost.

Pet sitter or boarding

When the animal is left behind for a few weeks we can assist your pets with house sitter in their own home or boarding kennel according to your needs.

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