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Frequently Asked Questions About Pets Travel Israel

I have a cat and I'm ready to fly him only in the cabin is this possible?

Yes. Some airlines permit small animals that meet the Weight and Dimensions in cabin, must airline require up to 8 kilograms


I think I have all required vaccinations and certificates, how do I make sure to avoid problems during the flight?

Today there is no government body that provides all the information needed to transport an animal from country to country, because there are different requirements in each country as well as airlines. You can pick up information online but most times the information is not relevant.

To avoid this problems you should use a professional body. See our Pet Package service for more info


I want a return to Israel with my pet, and realized Israel requires a blood test to enter, is that correct?

Israel changed its entry requirements; in order to enter Israel the animal must undergo a blood test as well as rabbis Vaccination, the average time for results is between one and two months.

How long in advance should I begin?

Depending on the country, it is best to start several months in advance to avoid a situation where the animal would have to wait months because of the waiting time of the vaccination.

Usually 4 months in advance will be enough time to arrange all documents, certificates and vaccinations required.

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