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About the Pats Travel Israel organization

In 2007, international requirements was introduce of animals moving between the countries came a new laws into effect, compared to the past when an animal could fly without special permits or waiting time, and as a result confusion and lack of coordination between the ministries of agriculture in the different countries.
Following changes in the requirements of the countries of origin, the requirements of airlines and the requirements of the destination country, and a lack of accurate information with the government agencies, thousands of animals were abandoned due to a lack of understanding of the necessary bureaucracy, and following negative flight experiences with companies that provide services in the field, we decided to establish the organization PETS TRAVEL ISRAEL, whose purpose is to check for each customer what must be done at each stage, and to allow flying with the animals abroad or to Israel knowing that he is protected against incorrect flight procedures, which leads to excessive expenses, last-minute malfunctions ,animal quarantine and even death.
After a comprehensive examination of the subject, we decided to help in the best possible way and allow you to receive all the necessary information according to personal requirements , after A detailed and comprehensive inquiry, thereby helping to support and accompany you and your animals in the preliminary procedure, and to allow you A pleasant, relaxed and safe flight while taking care of their feelings, and your satisfaction, with all the possible conditions for the animals.

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