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Flight with dogs and cats from Israel To USA

When there is a desire to fly dogs or cats from Israel to the United States, the vaccination procedure should begin at least 2 months before the destination landing date.

Entry requirements for animals vary depending on the type of animal, U.S. landing district, airline requirements, and flight dates in parallel with changing weather, and the great difficulty in bringing animals into the U.S. is finding a proper flight path, whether it is a direct flight or a connecting flight. With an isolated area in the abdomen of the animal plane.

Should you fly an animal in the cabin or in the belly of the plane?

Because a flight from Israel to the US is multi-hour, it is better, after finding a proper flight path, to fly the animals in the belly of the plane, because it is an isolated area, without noise, temperature regulation and oxygen (leading to a euphoric state for animals). Life in flights), and in the belly of the plane the flight cage is larger, allowing space for drinks and food, and the possibility to defecate if necessary.

Problems with flight routes from Israel to the US:

  • Most active aircraft do not have an isolated area for animals, although the company websites state that they fly animals, in practice there are a limited number of normal aircraft for flying animals.

  • If the flight has a connection, most of the time, airlines that work together do not provide a dedicated staff that takes care of the animals and delivers them to the connecting flight, which leads to unnecessary delays and higher-than-usual costs, during the connection.

  • Most US airlines do not accept animals as excess cargo, these only as cargo, in practice this requires additional bureaucracy, work with customs representatives, and flight costs that are 10 times higher than a normal flight that the animal flies as excess cargo.

In order not to take unnecessary risks in your animal health, and to save you last minute glitches and higher costs than usual without warning, we have created the flight package service from Israel to the USA

The service includes the following information:

Vaccines Full coordination of entry requirements and comprehensive information on the vaccines required to leave the country of origin, recommended vaccines for animal protection during flight, and vaccines to enter the destination country. Certificates Coordination and guidance on the certificates to be issued, when and how, which are required and vary according to the city and destination country, health certificate for the destination country, special certificates if necessary. Flight Kennel Adjusting a cage according to the dimensions of the animal's, and depending on its location on the plane, recommendations on places to purchase flight kennels, instruction on equipment, flight labels and tags, a training guide for the cage. Flight route coordination Finding a flight path in accordance with the customer's requirements and in parallel with the entry requirements for the animal. Including coordination of an isolated area for the animal with regulation of noise, temperature and oxygen, coordination of connection flights and ground crew. Schedule - Checklist A checklist document that summarizes all the actions that must be performed in the flight package, to track the times and actions that must be performed at each stage of the preliminary and flight procedure, to assist properly and to thoroughly monitor the actions.

The cost of the service is $ 120, not including VAT, and includes all the information necessary and relevant for you to fly, and our escort all the way.

To purchase the service from Israel to USA, click here

To purchase the service from USA to Israel, click here



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