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Flights with animals - all the information about flight routes

When you are interested in flying with the dog or cat to a different country, beyond the entry requirements that must be made which takes 2-4 months before the flight (for more information in the context) there is also a proper flight route coordinated for animals.

If the animal is small and can fit in a soft flight cage for the cabin designed to fit under the front seat, the flight procedure is much simpler because the animal will be with the owner in the same air pressure chamber and oxygen regulator, and not exposed to inhumane conditions.

If the animal flies in the belly of the plane, checking the proper flight path becomes much more complex because of all the airlines in the world only 50% take animals, and out of the 50% in practice only 10-15% of all companies that allow animals to fly provide the animals with an isolated area. The plane is designed for animals and has a noise isolation area and high oxygen regulation which allows the animals to fall asleep for most of the flight, but even out of 15-10% not every runway is proper for the same airline.

What is an isolated area for animals in the belly of the plane?

Isolated area for animals This is a closed cell located in the belly of the aircraft, and has high oxygen regulation, noise isolation and control, and is designed to fly animals in a safe manner that does not endanger animal health.

At the same time as flying in the belly of the plane without an isolated area where the animals are exposed to noise and extreme temperatures at the same time as lack of oxygen and barometric pressures, and when you receive the animal in the destination country its health status will be borderline to say the least.

What is the problem with booking a plane ticket independently?

When you contact a travel agent or airline whose website states that they accept animals, and are interested in purchasing a flight for you and the animal, in practice the booking system of that airline / travel agent can put the animal's request on your flight ticket, and in practice the booking representative Of the same airline to know if the animal has an isolated area in the belly of the plane or not, resulting in the animal being able to board the flight to the belly without an isolated area, or at the check-in counter on the day of flight you will be informed that the animal cannot fly due to extreme temperatures.

Some tips for animal flight tickets:

  • In a direct flight, check with the airlines that the specific airline is stopping the flight.

  • When flying with a connection, make sure that the flight route is operated by the same airline all the way.

  • Flight of an animal is with only Connexion 1, flight paths with more than Connexion 1 are not normal for flying animals.

Flights with animals in connection stop

If the flight path is not direct, the flight becomes even more complex, because it must be ensured that in each flight path there is indeed an isolated area for the animal in both aircraft, while coordinating with a ground crew to treat the animal and transfer it to a connecting flight.

In practice there are a lot of cases where the animals fly from the country of origin, and in the stopover the ground staff of the same airline comes to the owner to update that the animal can not continue the flight due to lack of designated staff at the airport in the connexion state.

As a result the animal goes into quarantine in a field in the state of connexion and the owner must coordinate with a land representative in the middle state to fly the animal as a cargo to the final destination, or require the customer to pay for the animal's cargo flight to the country of origin back.

How can we prevent this kind of problems?

In practice, most airlines / flight routes do not allow quality and healthy flying for animals, and because we have received many inquiries over the years from people who performed the procedure themselves, and as a result the animals were transferred to quarantine / return to the country of origin. The airport, and when we check a flight path, we check that indeed in the entire flight path there are isolated areas in the belly of the plane, and ground staff in the same connection designed to care for and transfer the animals to the connecting flight, and only after the comprehensive inspection Life can fly in a healthy and quality way.

Checking the flight path is part of our flagship service called the flight package where we coordinate all the actions to be performed in the preliminary procedure (vaccinations, certificates, adjustment as an aviation cage, stamping import / export permits) while coordinating a quality flight path and thus allow the animal to fly safely.



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