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How to fly with a cat or dog from Israel to England

The requirements for bringing animals on a flight to England define that for the rest of her life she must fly unaccompanied "as cargo" This means that the animal will be obliged to go through a more complex bureaucratic procedure and the costs of the entire flight are significantly higher and it is necessary to work with customs brokers for the purpose of issuing the waybill and checking in the animal at the cargo terminal.

At the same time, the costs of flying the animal as cargo will be significantly more expensive, the average cost of an animal from Israel to England will start at $1300 and will increase depending on the weight, type and flight dates, upon landing the animal will be transferred to customs and wait between 2-20 hours until it is released from customs at a cost of between 700- $850,

In addition to the high costs for a direct flight, there are also vaccinations and special approvals that are carried out only a limited number of days before the flight, and it is necessary to wait for approval from the customs authorities in England in order to fly the animal.

Several years ago we encountered a problem on the direct flight route when the customs company was not sufficient to see and approve the entry before the vaccinations and permits were expired, which caused the flight date to be repeatedly postponed and at the same time the animal had to receive additional vaccinations at the same time as the permits were issued again.

And in an attempt to bridge the problem and deliver the animal safely to its owner in England, we had to be creative, and after multiple tests on the subject we found a solution! The flight to a bordering country in England and the introduction of the animal by land/sea and after coordinating the documents and approvals to allow passage to a bordering country and land/sea passage to England and determining the route of arrival, a bypass flight service to England was created.

Because the total expenses to fly an animal directly to England starts from $2500 because it flies as cargo, and after calculating the total expenses, flying to a country bordering England is significantly cheaper than flying an animal directly, and you can also save all the time waiting for the animals at customs in the second the countries (up to 24 hours).

That is why from then until today we instruct customers to make the bypass flight themselves or make the flight for them with an escort service airborne.

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